The Military Recovery Fund is a program administered by the Boot Campaign to ensure that military service members, veterans and their families nationwide are provided with an alternative source for assistance and guidance with a hardship that is not sufficiently or efficiently supported by the DOD or VA during a time of urgent need.


Since the troop surge in Afghanistan in late 2009 severe injuries to Marines has more than doubled due to the foot patrol initiative to eradicate roadside bombs. The average age of a soldier injured is 22, leaving them with long-term and significant abdominal injuries, loss of limbs and brain injuries. In fact,over the course of ten years and two military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan more than 13,000 Marines have come home with injuries.

Why We Do This

When an emergency strikes and time is of the essence, the Boot Campaign is ready to provide urgent assistance to a service member, veteran or their family member to meet what are often unforeseen challenges to their daily life. Urgent Assistance programs such as our own ‘Military Recovery Fund’ are typically directed at alleviating the need of a one time financial hardship. Many continued resources are made available to individuals receiving urgent assistance care to ensure that the necessary follow up attention is given to individuals and families that faced the initial hardship.

Those That Help Us


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Become an official Corporate Sponsor of the Military Recovery Fund. Email Danielle for more information: danielle@bootcampaign.com


Your application for assistance does not guarantee the approval for funding. Each individual applicant will be contacted for additional information and/or to notify you of your request. Assistance is available to current service members, veterans and family members – verification documentations will be required with your initial request.