The Boot Campaign helps you show your appreciation for American troops, raise awareness of the challenges they face when they return home, and raises money to support their transition home. Learn more

What is boot campaign?

Why We Do This

47,266 Wounded Veterans since 2002 as of december 15th 2011. Source: Defense Manpower Data Center; Data, Analysis and Programs Div. 6.8% of unemployed veterans were younger than age 24 in 2009 compared to 16.8% of the US population. Source: The Department of Labor’s non-seasonally adjusted numbers for Q2 2009. There are 1.1 Million disabled American veterans under age 55. Source: Disabled American Veterans Annual Report, 2009

What We Do

The Boot Campaign’s mission is to cultivate Awareness and promote new efforts of Patriotism for Americans throughout the country and provide Assistance to military service members, veterans and their families.